Human Rights


Every person in the UK can claim the protection of the European Convention of Human Rights of which the UK is a signatory.

We can help you claim your legitimate rights. Whether you are in the UK legally or illegally, you enjoy rights and those rights must be secured by way of an application to the Home Office or indeed by appealing a decision of the Home Office.

This is perhaps one of the most complex and every changing area of immigration law. It is always contested and the UK Home Office tries to find new and ever changing ways of having to avoid granting people their rights under the law.

This is not an area of law for the faint hearted. Only lawyers with expertise and years of experience of dealing with Home Office can provide an effective legal advice and representation.

At Deane & Bolton Immigration Lawyers, we can help you through the maze of Human Rights law and help you realise your ambitions.

We can help with all Human Rights based applications including:

  • 1. Asylum / An Overstayer / Illegal Entrant
  • 2. Failed Asylum Seeker / Humanitarian Protection / Discretionary Leave Application
  • 3. Family Reunion
  • 4. EEA Dependents
  • 5. Long Residence / Concessions for Children in the UK for 7 Years
  • 6. Unmarried Partner Application / Husband and Wife or Civil Partnerships
  • 7. Adopted Children / Applications for Grand Parents
  • 8. Other Elderly Dependents


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